So many have already been helped with chiropractic care! Click the pictures below to see what chiropractic can do for you and your family!

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"Both Doctors took such great care of me. I was in a car accident and now I feel so much better. I would recommend anyone to go there for care. They are wonderful!"

- Sharon M. 

"The staff is personable and make you feel important. I have been able to accomplish things physically that I haven't been able to do in 20 years! Drs. Ryan and Kristin enjoy helping people and know what they are doing! You really feel at home and know you are getting the best care. I highly recommend them!"

- Jeff C .

"All the staff is extremely friendly, and not that fake friendly you experience at a lot of businesses. I'm already starting to feel improvements. I also really like the quickness of everything. I'm easily able to come to my appointment during my lunch break. 10/10 recommend."

- Linz

"When I started with them I had ridiculous medial knee pain, hip impingement and shoulder pain. Within a few weeks I was completely free of knee pain and both of the other issues have both improved greatly. Along with their successful practice, the whole staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. I always feel welcome and pain free when I stop in to Thrive!"

- Geoffrey P.



Dr. Ryan grew up in Toms River, NJ with his older brother Matthew playing baseball and football throughout high school and in college. He earned his bachelors degree in Biology from Rowan University. He decided to get his doctorate in chiropractic after realizing his passion for helping people and how much chiropractic had impacted him and his family's lives. Dr. Ryan decided to enroll at the largest chiropractic school in the world, Life University in Marietta, GA where he and Dr. Kristin met.

Dr. Kristin grew up in Southeast, PA with her two brothers playing soccer and swimming. She received her bachelors degree in genetics from Michigan State University. Originally planning on pursuing a medical degree, she decided on becoming a chiropractor after watching her mother experience a "medical miracle" with chiropractic care.

While in Georgia, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Kristin helped to grow the largest chiropractic office in Georgia while receiving additional training to care for pregnant women, infants, and children.

Susy's Story

As a mother of 5, Susy suffered with the daily threat of migraines and was always equipped with a bottle of Excedrin in every bag she owned. Out of desperation, she began consistent chiropractic care. Her migraines became less frequent and less severe until disappearing all together! She says she is sad none of her doctors ever suggested chiropractic care sooner and people need more hope, not medicine!