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Dr. Ryan and Dr. Kristin are committed to making a lasting impression on the community not only through neurologically based chiropractic care in Knoxville, but by giving back as well. If you are involved in any groups, communities, events, or charities that you feel could use a partner, we would love to participate! There are several ways we can help!

Our Community Involvement in Knoxville

  • ​Complimentary Spinal Screenings: These are great for events needing sponsorship. Dr. Ryan, Dr. Kristin, and their team will provide complimentary spinal screenings for those who are interested in the event. Anyone wishing to come to the office can do so for a discounted rate, the full amount of which will be donated back to your cause!
  • Health Talks: If you are a part of a team or group that could benefit from learning more about how the body works and is designed, we would love to provide you and your team members with breakfast or lunch while we give a brief presentation at your meeting place!
  • ​Drives & Donations: Dr. Ryan and Dr. Kristin love to give and so do our practice members! If you know of a charity or cause that could use another helping hand, we would love to help!


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